What You Need To Know Before Buying Winter Boots

Preserve your style, even in the lowest temperatures.

Winter boots for women, how to choose right | Fashtrack

Winter is in full swing and if you still haven’t purchased a pair of winter boots during sales, then…good for you. What you need to know before picking your pair, is that you don’t have to compromise style for comfort, or comfort for style. Our tips and shopping picks, will give you both. Read our most useful advice below, to keep your feet warm and dry, all winter long.


While the outer part of a winter boot needs to be made of waterproof materials, like suede, leather or nylon, its sole must be rubberized, to block out moisture while also keeping your feet dry. If it is lined with a synthetic material like faux fur or fleece, to provide more warmth, then your feet will be even happier.


When roads are slippery a slip resistant sole, is equally important as the materials that make the inner and outer part of the shoe to keep you warm. Make sure that the boots have a good traction.


Last but not least, avoid zipper or pull-on boots that are loose around the calf and choose a lace up boot that is going to secure your steps while keeping your feet steady.



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