4 Ideas For Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Sexy & sweet.

If your life partner is used to seeing you without makeup for 364 days per year, then this special day you should consider of doing the unexpected. Vise versa, if he’s used to seeing you with a bold makeup, maybe you’d want to go for a natural look on Valentine’s day, just to surprise him a bit.

Either way, when someone is used to seeing a particular image, a little change can go a long way. To help you with deciding an overall look, we picked 4 sultry makeup ideas for Valentine’s day, that would suit just about every woman.

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A smokey eye always catches attention. Be sure to draw the waterline too and add an extra layer of mascara or faux lashes. Hydrate your lips with a tinted balm (like Lanolips) and he won’t take his eyes of you all night long.

A red lip and a healthy glow is a red carpet look that everybody admires. Go for a liquid highlighter and a naked eye to draw even more attention on the lips. We love MAC’s Ruby Woo classic Hollywood lipstick for this look and Iconic’s Liquid Highlighter Drops.

The no makeup, makeup look is admittedly one of men’s favorites. A peachy hue blush and a rose lipstick will make sure you look fresh, young and natural. On the eyes, try an earthy eyeshadow with a darker toned outside corner and a white eyepencil on the waterline to make them pop.

This is easily one of our favorites. A bronzed base with a light berry lip (we love Nabla’s Five’o’clock) and a cat-eye, is the definition of easy and sexy.

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