Unconventional Bridal Looks

Calling all Biancas out there.

Whatever the place, whatever your style, whatever the time, we have gathered the most unconventional bridal looks out there, to match your case.

If getting wed is the happiest day of your life, then you should definitely be the happiest version of you on that special day. Feeling yourself in your bridal outfit, is number one factor to look happy and beautiful and your sartorial choices should definitely show who you are and not who others expect you to be. To help you imagine your bridal outfit and find what suits you best, we have gathered the most stylish unconventional bridal looks. From sophisticated white separates, to romantic vintage gowns you mama could have worn.

Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack
Cushnie Et ochs

Don’t sweat it. Jumpsuits are for the easy-minded women who like getting dressed in a sec, while not losing femininity. It will definitely make you feel comfy and ready to show all your dancing moves, after the ceremony. But be cautious, only luxurious fabrics can look formal enough to wear as your bridal piece of choice. Give attention to details, like hair and makeup.


Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack

A white skirt suit can look utterly modern and chic, if you style it right. Go for a suit with unique details and put together a retro bridal look by adding character with retro hair and makeup, like Blake Lively above.

Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack
Reformation dress

If you dislike any kind of romantic lace, girly ruffles or modest pleats and you feel like being the most sexy version of you, then a sleek slip dress, should be your choice. Go for silk and avoid polyester to not look cheap.


Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack

You are a hard-working woman, you barely have time to make it to the ceremony, or you don’t even want to spend cash on a traditional wedding. We get it, it’s easier and there are many women out there, that have big regrets going so large with their wedding choices. If that is your case, go for a bossy white blazer dress, that won’t only make you look chic, but you will wear long afterwards. Also perfect, if you want to hide a baby-bump.


Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack

Something old, something new, something…you. If you fall into the romantic group and want everything to be meaningful and symbolic on your wedding day, you can easily find a vintage lace dress that comes with some story behind it. Of course you won’t know the story -unless it’s from your mama’s closet- but you’ll have that familiar sense on you. Plus, you won’t need nothing else “old”. Find tons of vintage lace gowns, here.


Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack

Show off those toned legs, with a little white dress. You can either choose something minimal and give weight to hair and makeup or go for something a little more decorated. Another option that won’t get stuffed into your closet, for years to come.


Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack

A peplum top, a fine white shirt, crêpe trousers and something that clearly states bridal like the extra long veil, equals a fashion forward look that Bianca herself would have worn.


Unconventional Bridal looks | Fashtrack

Last but not least, a white pantsuit with glamorous jewelry is the perfect choice for a balanced androgynous look.

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