Get the tomboy look without looking like a boy

Read our style tips and see what are the key pieces to add, to achieve the perfect tomboy look, that doesn’t make you look like a boy.

If the office has literally become your life, if your wardrobe is full of clothes that could have been your boyfriend’s, if this season’s hot power suit trend has got you really excited, then you are definitely going to need some key pieces, to give your tomboy looks, a subtle feminine twist. Add to that, you also have to know which style tricks take away some of the masculinity to make you look -almost- like a girl.

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Tomboy must-haves + Style tips

Tomboy looks + Key pieces

Tomboy style

Key Piece: red cinching belt + gold chain bag

Tomboy style
Key piece: red lipstick

Tomboy style
Key piece: mini bag

Tomboy style
Key piece: open hem pants + heels + cat-eye sunglasses

Tomboy Style
Maja Wyh
Key piece: sheer top

Tomboy style
Anna Dello Russo
Key piece: earrings + sunglasses + fur charm
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