10+1 tips for healthy long nails

If your hair needs great patience to grow, then your nails need great persistance. They break, they flake, they crack the exact moment that you don’t have time to fix them. Luckily, you can avoid all these with the right care, so you can grow them quickly without putting on a single fake nail. Read below, our most useful beauty tips.

#1. Moisturize

The irony with washing your hands, is that it can completely dry out your hands and nails. Keep them moisturized with an everyday cream.

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#2. Glove protection

Not only should you use rubber gloves when house cleaning or washing dishes just so your manicure doesn’t get wasted, but you should always wear a warm pair of gloves when it’s really cold outside, during winter.

#3. Base coat

When applying a base coat, consider it as a seal that traps all the moisture inside your nails. It protects from discolorations caused by nail polish and nourishes the nail with essential oils and vitamins. You should always, apply a base coat, just to keep them looking healthy and shiny.

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#4. File one-way

One of the most destroying factors, is filing both ways. Always use the file from the edges towards the center tip of the nail and not back and forth. This is what causes the breakage.

#5. Use a buffer

Every time you use a nail polish remover, you should use a buffer to smooth down the nail’s surface and remove any stains.

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#6 Keep them medium-sized

You might love long stiletto nails, but the truth is that they’re difficult to maintain. Instead, keep them at a medium size with soft rounded edges, so they have better chances in not breaking.

#7. Cut them when they’re soft

After a long bath, when they’re moistened and soft enough to not break, is the right time to give them a chop.

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#8. Take a break from fake

If you are a frequent user of fake nails, damage is certain. Keep them healthy by letting them breathe once in a while.

#9. Push back

Do not remove your cuticle, as this results in an endless circle of cuticle growth. Just push them back and apply a cuticle oil.

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#10. Take your vitamins

Vitamin supplements are a good way to give an extra boost. Prenatal vitamins and especially biotin, are not only good for your nails, but also for skin and hair.

#11. Get rid of the bad habits

Smoking is admittedly drying your nails while living yellow stains and biting them is the fastest way to destroy and break them. Plus, every germ you touch all day, is having a party right there on your finger tips. Yoga exercise, can help with cutting bad habits once and for all.

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