This Microtrend Makes Everything Look Sexier

Small details..lots of style.

This microtrend is totally slaying it on Instagram. Everyday we are seeing more and more joining the tie front -or sometimes tie back- trend and yes, we also want some of that.

And while when you’re hearing tie front, you instantly imagine the tie front top that is trending over the last few seasons, we are talking about a different tie front style. This involves a bit boob showing, cut outs and loose ends, just in front of your chest area and not under it.

We’ve spotted this for a little while now in dresses, tops, jumpsuits and even swimsuits released from ultra hot brands like Faithfull, LPA, Tularosa, Majorelle etc.

Tie front microtrend
Tie front microtrend
Tie front microtrend

While we really love it in bra tops like the one Sara Escudero from Collage Vintage is wearing, we love it even more in jumpsuits and dresses. Shop our picks below.


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