7 Life Changing Style Tips

These work on everyone.

After you read these life changing style tips, your shopping habits will change and your personal style will immediately be tranformed.
#1. Dress for yourself

You might think this goes without saying, but many women dress for men or for other women. But if you give it some thought, most style icons that we look out for inspiration, became icons by embracing their uniqueness.

Think of the basket bag trend. Jane Birkin dared to hold a simple basket instead of a bag and even after so many years, her style choices influence today’s biggest trends. In addition, when you feel like yourself in what you wear, everyone is going to like you. Men and women.

7 life changing style tips to look your best
#2. Dress comfy

While confidence is crusial for you style, comfiness is another necessary element. Pieces that don’t fit, straps that keep falling, deep plunges and sky-high heels you can hardly walk into, can make you look uncomfortable and even awkward. Besides, there are so many trends today that you can swipe these with. Think of the easiness of kitten heels, low block heels, tailored clothing etc.

#3. Make a statement

If you have to stand out during an important event but walking in high heels isn’t your thing, make for it with a statement accessory. Think of super-sized earrings, loud prints, colorful shoes, trendy bags.

7 life changing style tips to look your best - Fashtrack.net
#4. Do not label

And by that we don’t necessarily mean fashion labels. Do not label anything. Just look at how many fashion bloggers have made a carreer of mixing high and low fashion. So, next time you feel like shopping, think of unusual places to shop clothing to create your signature style.

#5. Check your boyfriend’s closet

To find those extra cool tees and sweaters he no longer wears.

7 life changing style tips to look your best - Fashtrack.net
#6. 70% classic + 30% trendy

Keep this as a rule. If you buy 10 things, choose 3 trendy pieces that you can mix with everything and 7 classic ones that you’ll be wearing next season too. Wear more, throw less.

#7. Know your bodytype

While we are firm believers of wearing what you love, if you really want to look your best, you must find the right balance between what you love and what flatters your bodytype.

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