Calling it: This Is The Next Big Thing In Jewelry

Welcome to the jungle.

Two days ago Kendall Jenner made an appearance wearing a pair of dragon drop earrings, confirming our suspicions. Serpents are in.

We have been eyeing snakes, cobras, crocodiles and similar creatures in jewelry over the last few weeks, but it all started a while back -in 2018 actually- when we spotted instagram sensation Dana Hourani wearing an exaggerated pair of dragon earrings, similar to the ones of Kendall.

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Of course we immediately sourced the designer behind these beauties, who is Lako Bukia, a new talent based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Lako Bukia in collaboration with Khutsishvili Natia have also created the crocodile earrings of Gigi Hadid, which she wore last summer.

By now you see the pattern. More and more celebs are joining this serpent jewelry trend, with snake earrings, crocodile cuffs and other edgy designs that are currently on our wishlist. Topshop, is one of the many brands that also recently released it’s own versions of the trend, making us believe that this is only the beginning.

But of course, serpent jewelry isn’t anything new. Especially on the red carpet, snake chokers are iconic and have decorated many famous necks during the past.

Add to that, serpents and snakes especially is a theme that has always fascinated numerous jewelry designers, not only for the beauty of it, but for all the meaning behind it.

What you should know about this trend, is the symbolism. Our jewelry should always reflect our personality, so having the knowledge to support what you have chosen to decorate your ears, neck and hands, is crucial to express your personal style.

In different cultures and ethnicities the snake had different meanings and great importance, while expressing both good and evil. For the Romans it meant everlasting love, for the Egyptians it meant royalty, for the Chinese it represented a relation to the Gods. Last but not least, during the Victorian era, the first engagement ring in the shape of a snake, was offered by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, making it an emblem of eternal love.


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