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It is very important that you read the following information regarding the collection, storage and use of any information you provide us while navigating this website.


This Privacy Policy describes the way Wooman Media (collectively “us” or “we” or “its” or “website”) makes use of any information you provide us and describes any cookie stored by us on your device, during your navigation through this website regardless if it is a mobile version of it. This Privacy Policy is subject to this website’s Terms of Use and applies to every page of the website, including its mobile versions.


By navigating this website, you agree that you understand and accept this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy you must immediately discontinue your navigation and the use of services provided by this Website.



(a) Information you provide us.

With the use of a contact form or subscription to newsletter you willingly provide us communication information like your name and email address. This information, will only be used by us in order to communicate with you and answer any queries and for standard Subscribtion purposes like receiving our Newsletter.

(b) Information collected by us.

While you are navigating this website, information about your navigation might automatically be collected by services we use. This information is provided to us and our Partner websites for the purpose of registering affiliate commissions that make our services free to use. It might also include information that will help us understand the way you navigate this website so that we can provide a better experience and better content.

(c) Information collected by Third parties for our use

While you are navigating this website, information about your navigation might automatically be collected by Third party services we use like Google Analytics. This information is not limited but includes: demographic information like age and genre, geographic information like a general location, technologies you use like your browser’s type and operating system, device features, IP location.

(d) Information collected by Third parties for their use

Social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by this website to provide content (eg. embedded media) and help you navigate the website. These third parties might collect information about your navigation, through the use of cookies and similar technologies to provide a safe use of their services and an optimized experience. These Third Parties are subject to their own Privacy Policies.



(a) To communicate with you as stated in section (2a) we use your email address to provide you with a newsletter or answer your queries. The newsletter might include advertising opportunities, product information, information about contests we run, advertising content, content from this website and from Third parties that we have an affiliate connection.

(b) To provide a better experience to our readers. This includes:

  • making this website faster
  • provide targeted ads
  • provide more accurate information to you regarding our services and products we suggest to you
  • to aknowledge your behavior so that we can serve better content
  • to help choose better products for our suggestions
  • for business purposes
  • for better and more relevant ads to your interests



We might automatically provide information to Third parties that includes the following but is not limited to these. Please refer to their Privacy Policies:

Google Analytics:




Commission Junction:




These third parties might use information collected by us, in accordance to Law and combine it with other third parties for their own use.



To collect information we use cookies and several similar technologies:

(a) Cookies.

Web cookies consist of portions of code installed in your device through the browser you use to navigate this website. Some cookies are necessary to use the website, some collect analytical data, some offer ads and some are used to record sales driven by our website, in order to provide us a commission.

(b) Web beacons.

Graphics or code used to collect anonymous data and provide us statistics of use of this website and its services.

(c) Scripts

Codes designed to collect information like the links you click on.

(d) Pixels.

Codes installed on the website to recognise a user and transfer data about his use of the website to Third parties like Social media websites.



With all stated above, we hereby notify you about the purposes of information collected:

  • to provide a safe use of the website and prevent fraud and malicious behavior
  • to improve, enhance and optimize this website’s navigation, performance, content and services
  • to provide more relevant ads and features, so you have a more pleasant experience



We will never sell any of the information provided to us, to any Company or individual. While we do our best effort to keep this information safe with the technologies we use, most of the information is not stored or handled by us locally and it is subject to Policies and lawful use by Third parties and affiliates we are connected to. Therefore, your information might be used by them in ways we have no control at. In addition, while we use technologies to safeguard information, no system or webpage can be completely secure. Therefore, by the use of this website and this website’s services you aknowledge the risk of providing such information to us and to Third parties we are connected to, in your own risk.



We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Privacy Policy and  the continued use of this website, will constitute acceptance. The website will state the last revision date at the end of this page and you are responsible of visiting this page to check the Privacy Policy and its changes, from time to time.



This website is not designed to be used by children under age 16 and must only be used with guardian supervision, who consents to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy stated. We do not knowingly collect or store information from any person under the age of 16 or allow them to register to our newsletter, or allow them to communicate with us in any form. If it comes to our attention that we have collected personal data from a person under the age of 16, we will delete this information immediately.



If you choose to access this website or make use of any service provided, you hereby aknowledge, agree and accept our terms and conditions and this privacy policy and its changes. You are bound by this legal agreement and agree to not raise disputes against this website’s owner.





On this website we provide affiliate links to third party services and websites in the form of clickable links, pictures, graphics and widgets placed inside articles. When you click on such a link, you automatically get redirected to a third party website who collects, controls and stores information about you. In addition, when you decide to purchase something through that link, another third party will record the amount of sale, so that we can get paid. We do not have control over that information and therefore we are not responsible for the protection of your privacy once you leave this website. This disclosure applies to redirection from our website to all third parties, including links to other websites and social media.



In accordance with GDPR Law, you can exercise your right to not provide us any information regarding your use of the website or withdraw your consent to cookie acceptance. In any time you can contact us at *contact @* to learn more about your rights or the information you have provided us or even ask us to remove such information from our databases. More information about the removal of cookies you can find at the help page of the browser you use to navigate the website and at the table of cookies we use, right below this section.

Note that the withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of any processing of your information by us before the withdrawal of your consent.

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