The One Trick That Will Always Make You Look Chic And Taller

What more to ask?

If total black is a classic for winter and total white a classic for summer, then of course no one is a stranger to monochrome looks. But have you ever considered adding some bold colors to make your outfit pop?

At first you might find it a bit daring going monochrome with colors like blue, yellow, or fierce red but there are so many hues to the palette that you can start without feeling over the top. Think of banana yellow, sky blue and dark forest green hues.

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Monochrome looks

You can also choose to create a tonal look like Aimme Song did and not go completely matchy-matchy. Just choose different tones of the same color and it will have exactly the same effect. Chic and taller.

Monochrome look

Another way to adopt the monochrome look that makes you look taller without sky high heels is the suit, which of course is a more subtle solution.

Monochrome look

Last but not least, muted colors that always look sophisticated, like camel, beige, grey, nude and greige will never look ott, even when worn head-to-toe with shoes included.

Muted monochrome look


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