Makeup Ideas For Redheads

A look, for every occasion.

When your hair looks perfect, you can’t possibly go out on a special occasion without the right makeup. Especially if you are an astonishing ginger mane, your makeup shouldn’t fall far behind, if you want to achieve a completely impressive image.

Without saying more, here are our 5 favorite makeup ideas for redheads, so that you can change-up your routine, just a bit.

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Makeup ideas for redheads

The fact that you have a bold color surrounding your frame, doesn’t mean you can’t highlight your features. For an evening look, draw attention to your eyes with a shade that matches your eye color.

Makeup ideas for redheads

The idea of matching the exact tone of your hair color to your lipstick shade, is perfect if you want to easily highlight your lips.

Makeup ideas for redheads

If you can’t wear all shades of red lipstick we don’t know who can. Instant bombshell. Try this look on a special occasion like on a hot date.

Makeup ideas for redheads

If you are a natural ginger, you probably have an alabaster skin. Make the most out of this perfect canvas and play with all kinds of earthy tones for an easy casual look.

Makeup ideas for redheads

Natural makeup and the so loved no-makeup look, matches every woman out there. A nude lip gloss and a light bronze eye shade, can be worn everywhere.


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