How to make good purchasing decisions

The most important q’n’a you’ll ever read.

How to make good purchasing decisions: Learn which are the 4 things you should always ask yourself, before making a purchase.

The holiday season is undoubtedly the highest selling period of the year. With all the sales going on, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green day etc. and Christmas approaching, the discounts are huge and the chances to fill your closet with meaningless purchases, are heavily increased. Luckily for you -and for your wallet-, after breaking the bank one too many times, we’ve learnt our lesson. We have come up with 4 questions you should always ask yourself, before making a purchase. If you answer with a Yay, on more than two, we advise you to put that jacket right where you found it.

#1. Do i already own this?

When we find our signature style and feel confident in what we wear, we tend to buy many similar versions of one particular item. Of course we are not talking about jeans, tights or essential everyday pieces, but are you sure you need to own 4 red dresses? Or 3 different shades of grey blazers? 3 trenches? Do we need to go on?

#2. Would i buy it, without a discount?

If it doesn’t excite you enough to not buy it without a discount, that probably means that what excited you, was the discount. Not the design, not the quality, but the fact that you could own something half-priced. Believe us, you’ll never wear it.

#3. Will i like it next year?

Two seasons ago, velvet started trending and many of us rushed to buy a velvet dress. But velvet is a texture that will keep coming back. And even when it’s not trending, it will still be a classic glamorous piece that we can wear in special occasions. Can you say the same thing about stirrup leggings?

Limit yourself and the trendy pieces you buy to 1-2 every season and make sure to stick to your budget, while answering to yourself, if you will still wear it when no one else will and remember, that the pieces you will always wear are the classic ones with a trendy twist.

#4. Is it wearable?

If you need fashion tape, nipple covers and a dry cleaner to get ready, all while trying to keep those straps in place, then this piece is certainly going to give you a hard time. It doesn’t matter if you only wear it once a year at a cousin’s wedding or on NYE. You should feel comfy and confident in your clothes no matter what.

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