3 Ways To Wear Utility Jumpsuits

We’re so into this trend.

While we’re only one month into 2019, new season’s trends are already flooding the “New in” section of every high street store. By now, utility jumpsuits seem to be among the favored and we’re so into this trend, that we’re thinking of buying one in every color.

Of course, we have to weight it in to see how we’re going to style this practical yet fashionable piece. For that reason, we are taking a look into how world’s most famous fashionista are wearing utility jumpsuits.

Below, our top 3 looks and our shopping picks to adopt the trend.

Since it’s still winter, you might want to go for a vegan leather or cord jumpsuits for a cosy look. Go monochrome by matching the tone of your shoes to visually add height to your silhouette.

How to wear utility jumpsuits

Utility is all about practicality. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with masculine shoes or oversized outerwear. Just embrace the trend by adding even more comfiness.

Stylist and instagram sensation Sophia Roe, has really nailed a retro look with a 90s strappy sandal -another hot trend for Spring-, oversized yellow sunnies and a flare silhoutte. A look that is so retro, but at the same time feels really fresh. Below, the best utility jumpsuits on the market now.

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