These Are The Coolest Ways To Wear A Scarf Right Now

Influencer approved.

This season, world’s top fashion influencers are going back to the most classic accessory a woman could own, wearing it with almost everything. During last month’s Fashion Weeks, we spotted many of them wearing it on their hair and not only on the neck, which really brought a cinematic flair and vintage vibe to the street style scene.

Not to mention that it is the ultimate accessory for your style when you’re going through a bad hair day, but it can also instantly transform a monochrome outfit by adding a sophisticated vibe.

Below, the best looks we spotted and how to wear a scarf in 2018.

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How to wear a scarf in 2018-2019

A simple ponytail gets upgraded by tying it loosely with a scarf.

How to wear a scarf in 2018-2019

The Audrey Hepburn way to wear a scarf has been resurrected on the runway and off of it.

How to wear a scarf in 2018-2019

We love how Patricia Manfield loosely wraps her head and neck and adds a pop of color to a white dress, with a colorful scarf.

How to wear a scarf in 2018-2019

Bad hair day? Cover a bun with a scarf et voilà! A chic hairstyle.

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