How to wear a backless dress and feel comfy

How to wear a backless dress: 5 style tips you should know, to decide which bra to choose for all your backless pieces

How to wear a backless dress | Fashtrack

If you love wearing backless tops and dresses as much as we do, then you’re always facing the same problem. The bra you are going to choose. Once upon a time, the solution to that problem -and as much as we’d like to forget it, we simply can’t- were the famous old silicone straps. But now we are offered so many chic options, that have brought back the love and attention to backless designs, so we can’t stop wearing them.

To conclude, if you are not part of the #freetheniple movement, read below to find an option that fits both you and your dress.


Backless bras and cups made from silicone or fabric, are a good solution if you also need some enhancement and support at the boob area.



Admittedly better than the fabric ones, my personal favorite for the ease they offer, are silicone nipple covers. You are not afraid that they will fall and make you join the #freethenipple movement after all. Plus, most of them can be used up to 20 times. Buy them in bulk and keep a spare in your bag.

Freebra silicone nipple covers

Freebra silicone nipple covers 6.59€


Even though this seems more like a casual approach, strappy bras are perfect for those “I’m such in a rush” summer days, when you just wanna throw on a loose dress and a bra and get out of the door.



If none of these options makes you feel comfy, then the last solution we can recommend, are strap converters. Great choice, for low back dresses and tops.

Fashion Forms Strap converter two straps pack black and beige

Fashion Forms Strap converter pack of two, black and beige €14.86


Last but not least, chances are that a backless dress could feature a loose front also. Don’t forget to keep that in place with a double-sided dress tape.

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