6 tips to avoid high heel pain

Heels are loved by every woman, but the pain that comes from wearing them is another issue. Read below, 6 useful tips to avoid high heel pain.


The first step to ensure the right fit. High heels should be exactly your size, not a bit smaller, not a bit larger. If they are too tight, it will take much more time to break them in and if they are bigger, they will be slippery and you will have to put much more effort to hold them on your feet, as you walk.


In the contrary from what is believed, a wedge is not the best type of heel to walk in. Sometimes they are too heavy and you have to lift that weight in every single step, while making bigger effort to lift it above the ground. The right type of heel should be centered right down of the rear part, to keep you in balance, while a block heeled shoe is certainly the most comfortable one.

Also, to avoid foot’s outer ball from pain, choose a shoe with an inch platform at the front. It will lift you higher from the ground and relieve the pressure.


A leather shoe is stretched more easily than a plastic one, which can make your feet slippery and give you blisters. Vegan leather shoes, are also very soft and flexible.


The secret weapon to decrease the burden, is definitely a pair of gel cushions, that help blood circulation, provide shock absorption and offer more support and comfort for the outer ball of the feet.

*If you are going with ball of foot cushions, be sure to install it just behind ball, to ensure right positioning.


We all love barely there sandals, but the sad truth is that they’re the hardest to walk in. If you want a sandals that holds the foot steadily, go for lace-ups.


After a long day in heels, soak your feet in cold water with a mix of bath salts to revitalize them and help blood’s circulation. Give them a massage with a foot cream to help them keep a level of moisture in order to avoid blisters.


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