20 Hairstyles With Barettes & Hairclips

Such an easy way to update your hairstyle.

Hair accessories like headbands, barettes, ribbons, hairclips and everything that can decorate your head actually, is a total game changer this season. We’ve been eyeing them everywhere, from the high street to our insta feeds, with pearls, rhinestones and the Gucci barette in particular, that seem to be at the top of this trend.

Not to mention it’s the easiest way to make those hairstrands stay in place and a great way to seriously upgrade a look by adding a sophisticated or luxurious touch. In a few words, hair accessories are cool again thanks to all the fashion influencers embracing this Gucci inspired trend.

Below, 20 different hairstyles with barettes and hairclips, to update your everyday outfits.

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