Fresh Ways To Wear Denim

These looks are so hot right now.

There is not a single person on the planet that hasn’t worn jeans and probably there is also no one that doesn’t like them. So many styles, so many trend. Baggy, boyfriend, skinny, deconstructed, you name it, we’ve worn it.

But at a recent point, denim suddenly just vanished from our feeds. We are seeing so much vinyl, so many wrap dresses and so many ditsy print skirts, that denim just feels fresh again. Maybe sometimes, we just need some time away from our favorite things to re-evaluate them. To give you even more reasons to wear denim again, we’ve listed our current favorite ways and style tips.

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Fresh ways to wear denim

High waisted, paper bag waist and vintage jeans in general, give a retro feel to your outfits while moving away from the classic straight-leg silhouette.

Fresh ways to wear denim

Canadian tuxedo done right. A denim jacket with strong shoulders, with a pair of straight leg jeans and a pair of such bold colored boots, is 80s in the best modern way.

Fresh ways to wear denim

Black denim is back. And we’ve waited so long for it. Just the perfect time to wear it with our cowboy boots.

Fresh ways to wear denim

Small details, great impact. Wide cuffed jeans are so hot now and so easy to style with every shoe in the closet. From barely there sandals, to ankle boots and ugly sneakers.

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