How To Take Care Of Your Legs After The Gym

So you can run even more.

When your legs are working overtime, they need even more care than the usual. Read our beauty tips & check some must have products, to keep them clean and healthy.

How to take a good foot care after the gym - Fashtrack

If the pain and swelling is very intense, try massaging it gently with an ice-cube. If the cold is something you can’t handle, try soaking your feet into cold water and add relaxing bath salts that will help with the inflammation. If you also add antibacterial soap to rub them gently, it will remove any bacteria caused by sweat and end the chance of getting fungus.

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When you run, your calf muscles act like a pump that sends blood from your legs back to your heart. If your pace is too high, then sometimes that pump can not work fast enough, so some of the blood starts to stagnate in your feet. This is how the swelling is caused, if you wonder why you swell when you run. To fight it, just lie down on your back and lift your legs up against a wall. Stay in that position, for at least 20 min. after soaking your feet in cold water. 

Two more things that can help: a lymphatic massage with a cooling oil or gel and compression socks.

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  • If you suffer from corns and calluses, always wear protective pads
  • A neat pedi is as important as keeping your shoes clean
  • After the gym, immediately take off your socks
  • After soaking your feet in water, be sure to dry them well with a towel
  • Be sure to wash your trainers at least once a month and keep another pair at hand, so you swatch often
  • Sprinkle the inside of your trainers with baby powder, that will absorb excess moisture while working out, lessen the danger of microbe developing and leave a nice smell.
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Moisturizing your feet properly is as important as keeping them clean to prevent calluses and corns.

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