4 New Trends We Just Can’t Get On Board With

And we’d like your opinion about them.

Fashion might be doing circles, but are they always for good? These 4 times we believe they are not. The trends we’re listing today, are admittedly feared by many women and for good reasons. There are celebs though that are already endorsing these, making them grow into the fashion crowd.


A pair of flip-flops might not be what you would expect to see on someone’s feet during Fashion Week, but guess what. We saw them both on and off the runway, so we’re expecting to see even more of this trend, during next Summer.

2018 trends we don't like

So, there is one particular person to blame for this. Kim K, we’re sorry to say that even though we love the comeback of many 90s trends, this one is just not fitting into the trend map and should stay in your closet for occasions like a running marathon. Not to say, it is the least flattering trend for 5’4”.

2018 trends we don't like

A barely there sandal with a PVC strap is sure to elongate your feet, but a plastic bag that flashes everything in there or a pair of clear plastic boots that make your feet sweat, is not practical and certainly not good for the environment. And while a plastic raincoat must lie in your closet for practical reasons, everything else that is made of plastic we just can’t get on board with. Not to mention that during an age that fashion is trying to make strong political and environmental statements, the rising PVC trend is an oxymoron.

2018 trends we don't like

Is it strange that when I see neon colors on people, I immediately think of rave parties, traffic signals and work uniforms? I can accept some pop of neon colors here and there, but a head-to-toe? Not, really.

2018 trends we don't like


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