5 fashion blogger style secrets you should steal

If you ever wondered what makes a distinct unique style, read through for the best kept fashion blogger style secrets, you should steal.

#1. Third piece rule

The third piece rule dictates that your outfit should consist of at least three pieces. If you count your top and bottoms as one and two, then you should add a third piece like a jacket or a statement accessory, for a complete and stylish look. Of course, you should never count in, basic pieces like your shoes or bag.

The third piece style rule

#2. Layering

The technique that requires great imagination and lots of shirt, tops and jackets, can get a whole new meaning when you are layering accessories. If you are going for a really innovative look, make layers with belts or scarves.


#3. Contrasts

The rule of contrasts, if you don’t want to look OTT or too casual, says that you should always balance:

casual + evening

loose + tight

sexy + chic

sporty + sophisticated

Crop top with wide leg pants

#4. Create your color palette

If you create a basic color palette with 4-5 neutral tones, then you can work around those to build a wardrobe full of color combinations. Dive into your closet to deside what your base is going to be and add pieces of bold colors, to create interesting looks.


Create your color palette

#5. Undone

If you count all the style tricks that have caused quakes over the years, then you will notice there’s something common in all of them. The undone vibe. From the most recent off-the-shoulder jacket trend to half-rolled hems, great style tricks always come out of “i just threw this on” outfits. So, the next time you have a style accident, you should ask yourself “Could this be the next big style trick?”

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski
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