Fall Prints We’re Already Adding To Our Looks

How loud can you roar?

Prints things can’t get more loud than this.

This season’s prints and patterns are making us give up our hard-earned stripes and our pretty pin-up polka dots, for wilder, more luxurious and more sophisticated prints. Read below, everything that’s making its way into our closets to get us ready for Fall.


Yes, nothing new here, because I know you are already seeing leopard, tiger and zebra prints in every single store. Even if you are not a fan of such loud prints, you can always wear them on your shoes, bag or even a scarf.


Fall’s new arrivals are flooded with what we would normally see on a Hermes neck scarf and Zara even has a dedicated section named “Scarf prints” to make it easier for you to find every single scarf printed Zara piece gathered. Luxurious and fresh, we’re not denying that we will at least try on a silk printed dress with vintage gold earrings.


Of course plaid is always here. At least every fall. This season if you haven’t already picked up on the checked -everything- trend, you can always get yourself into a check suit, before it gets too cold and change it up for a coat.

Mango check suit

Mango check suit blazer $119.99 and trousers $59.99



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