4 Dresses To Make You Look Thinner

You’ll want them all.

Whatever the bodytype, all women seek the same things when it comes to dresses. To make us look thinner and taller.

As women, most of us have a wardrobe full of dresses for different occasions. Evening wear, party, wedding guest dresses, casual and so on. We get so excited by new trends that sometimes we forget to ask the most serious question before buying a new dress. Does it compliment me? We believe that having a great personal style, is all about finding the right balance between what you like and what really suits you.

To give you a hand in finding the best option for you, we have listed 4 different types of dresses to make you look thin and tall. Of course, they will not magically add points in height, but they will certainly fool the eye.


This season, vertical stripes are once again…hot. Either in black and white, or rainbow colors, they immediately make your silhouette look taller and therefore…thinner.

Dresses to make you look thin and tall

Bandage dresses are a great way to tighten those sexy curves. They hug them in a way that makes them look more firm. And of course you know by now, that hiding those curves isn’t sexy, but showing them in a way that doesn’t add weight can really make a difference. This said, you should generally avoid wearing dresses with draped details and go for body hugging designs.

Dresses to make you look thinner

If you are in the hunt for a dress that makes you look thin, chances are you have a full bust. Draw the eye to this flattering point of your body with a low neck dress, that can also make you look taller. If it features a high slit, you will score even more points in height.

Forever21 plunging striped dress

Forever21 plunging striped dress €58


The most charming design of all, the wrap dress is flattering for all body types. It tightens the waist to refine your silhouette while drawing attention to the bust. What can be more perfect than that?

Types of dresses that make you look thin


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