Classic Beauty Products You Should Not Snub

Your mama knows better.

Your granny used them, your mama used them and if you also use them, then you definitely know what we’re talking about.

Today’s promising formulas and newly released beauty products, can’t even compete with these. When we get disappointed with trying something new, we always come back and for a good reason. They never, ever let us down.

Below, the most classic beauty products you should always keep in your bathroom cabinet.


The most iconic blue tin. Even though it is considered to be a hand crème, it’s actually way more than that. Lanolin, its basic ingredient is suitable for sensitive and even eczema prone skin types, so it’s pretty safe for everyone to use. Besides hydrating your hands, you can use it on your callused, chopped lips, on your cuticles, on irritated skin and even on your face during the colder Winter days.

Nivea creme tin

Nivea creme tin £0.75


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Each and every one of us, might have used this for a different purpose, so let me tell you mine. This oil might be made for babies, but it can offer more to adults. Personally, I use it after waxing, because oil removes every bit of wax and this one soothes it at the same time. Also, I use it to remove any stubborn makeup that my usual micellar won’t.

Johnson's baby oil

Johnson’s baby oil £2.99




Some nanas might have used this even to wash their hair, but i won’t suggest that you do. But I will tell you about the antiseptic, soothing and hydrating properties of olive oil soaps. Also, I will tell you that while most soaps are made of animal fat, this green soap is herbal. It’s naturally perfumed, hypoallergenic and is suitable even for people suffering from dermatitis and eczema.

Green Pure Olive Oil Soap Papoutsanis Pack of 6

Green Pure Olive Oil Soap Papoutsanis Pack of 6 £9.00




Classic and irreplaceable, L’oreal Elnett hairspray still hides in every drawer.

L'Oreal Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray

L’Oreal Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray £3.99




I don’t know about you, but this actually is a symbol of my teenage years. Born in late 80s, this was the “it” perfume that you could smell absolutely everywhere. Its characteristic powdery smell, established it in the perfume industry and this is why it’s still one of The Body Shop’s best-selling perfumes.

White Musk Perfume Oil

White Musk Perfume Oil £16




Another great products from Johnson’s made for babies, that eventually found its way to our shelves as well. This is one with so many uses, that we consider it a must have. Just count:

  • it absorbs moisture. Sprinkle a bit on your feet and in your shoes, before hitting the gym, so they won’t soak in sweat.
  • if you have blonde or grey hair, you can use it as a dry shampoo. Sprinkle a bit on your brush and just brush your hair. It will absorb any grease and leave a nice sweet smell.
  • sprinkle your legs before getting waxed. It will absorb any moisture and make the hair stick to the wax more easily.

Johnson's baby powder

Johnson’s baby powder £2.29




This precious little all-around product, is a must-have for everyone. Calluses, chopped skin, makeup removal, hydration, in diy scrubs, protecting the skin from hair dye, even for wrinkles. Jennifer Aniston said she uses it at night under eyes to prevent lines, so why shouldn’t we?


Vaseline £1.50




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