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Celebrities with pink and rose gold hair | Fashtrack
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Bella Hadid
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Celebrities with pink and rose gold hair | Fashtrack
Kim Kardashian

We’re so ready for a Spring makeover.

Celebrities with pink and rose gold hair: see all the hot celebs spotted rocking the pink and rose gold hair trend, while on the carpet.

Blorange might be one of the latest and hottest colorful hair trends to try in 2018, but rose gold is still strong and pink is definitely making a comeback. Not to be name-dropping, but Kylie Jenner, Kim K and Lady Gaga are some of the influences seen in pinkish hair colors and it gives us thoughts of why so many celebs are joining the pink hair club. This is what we have concluded:

  • It matches all skin tones. Without exceptions. Even when you have shadow roots, it looks good. Perfect example of the pink strands-black shadow root is Kim K.
  • You can incorporate it to your hair look, with a subtle balayage just to give a pink dimension and it will look great and natural, even when it’s faded.
  • With small changes in color, you can have a surprisingly new outcome every time you dye your hair. Think of the endless color tones. Strawberry pink, berry pink, antique pink, baby pink, rose gold etc.
  • When it’s done right, it can make your hair look very shiny and healthy.

If you are not convinced to join the pink hair movement, click the gallery above to see every celeb that has adopted the trend.

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