Everyone’s Wearing Boots This Way Now

Much more interesting, than wearing them with skirts.

We’re always on the lookout for new stylish ways to wear our clothes, shoes and accessories and this season we’re loving how Instagram’s influencers are wearing their high boots over spacious pants. Now, tucking your skinny jeans inside your boots, of course isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, but fitting carrot pants inside them, is something definitely new. Below, 3 looks we’re loving now.

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Boots over pants - Fashtrack.net

We love how Evangelie Smirniotaki matches her white boots to her pants, to create a taller silhouette.

Boots over pants - Fashtrack.net

Playing with different tones of the beige and camel, is a sophisticated look that can be worn even at the office.

Boots over pants - Fashtrack.net

This look is proof that your loose-fitting trousers can even be worn tucked inside your thigh-sky-high boots.

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