Fall style tricks to make your looks more interesting

Read our fall style tricks to give all your casual looks a more sophisticated and interesting twist.

Gone are the days of messy hair and don’t care outfits, because September is here with all its fall grace, leading us back to work with much more sophisticated looks. In that purpose, we have pulled 4 style tricks out of our books, to draw inspiration for the new season ahead.




Chokers made a huge quake last winter and their hype is not fading out so easily. But this season, we’re going to replace them with their chic and minimal versions, while we’ll be wearing them with our high neck tops.




Tranloev gold choker 33.40€



Tonal dressing
Isabella Thordsen

A key color trend for summer think all about red&pink combos- was tonal dressing. Wearing head&toe hues of the same color base, can make you look taller and coordinated. Mute and nude tones are perfect to create that sophisticated business look.



Sid Neigum Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear
Sid Neigum Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

The tunic is back and is back with a bang. The best way here, to play with proportions and easily elongate your silhouette, is by wearing it with wide leg pants of the same color. Be sure to flash some ankle, if you want to score even more height points.



Joseph cashmere tunic

Joseph cashmere tunic 725




Style tips for fall

The nude dress is one of the strongest dress trends, over the last seasons. Till now, you might have been used to wearing it with bodies or hot pants, for evening looks. Follow our style tip and transform it to a sexy daytime piece, by wearing it with an oversized knit. Ideally of the same color, to create the illusion of a single piece. To add a cool vibe, wear it with your sneakers or lace up biker boots.



Fall outfit mesh skirt

 Boohoo sheer skirt £18

Boohoo long knit sweater £20

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