3 basic style rules you should always follow

Most of fashion rules were meant to be broken, especially in our times, but there are 3, you should always follow, if you want to look balanced in your daily routine. So, what makes and what breaks a stylish outfit?

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One of the rules you can easily follow to make your outfits much more interesting and chic, is keeping a balance by creating contrasts. Read our style tips below and you will instantly learn how to create an optical and aesthetical balance, so you will never look ott or too casual for any occasion. As a general rule, you should always combine:


Two direct opposite styles, like sporty and sophisticated are easily combined to create a sporty chic outfit, that you can wear day to night. Of course, you should always keep in mind the occasion and dress so.

If for example you were to dress for the office, you could adopt this style by wearing side stripe pants with a blazer and heels, but you obviously couldn’t wear this at the gym.


Of course you can wear loose with loose and tight with tight, but what we’re doing here, is going for an interesting and balanced look. Because, combining a loose top with tight pants, not only does it straighten up a silhouette, but it also hides any body imperfections.


This is a no brainer and a no breaker, for us. A deep plunge, bodycon mini dress with heels, almost always looks tacky. When showing skin at the upper part, hide the bottom part. Same goes for showing skin at the front or at the back. Showing just a bit of skin, looks way sexier and leaves more to the imagination.

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